Hi, this is Stanley and Courtney Jensen. We are a husband and wife photography team. We have been shooting together for the last five years.
 Let me tell you some things about us. Me and Stan have been married five years. We have two beautiful daughters. We live in Bluffdale, Utah.
You will always find us together. We love to travel, Disneyland is our home. Stan loves all things salty and I love all things sweet.
We love to go camping and horseback riding. Stan loves to fish, he was born in Logan, Utah. He served a mission in Veracruz, Mexico for two years
and is fluent in Spanish. Courtney loves all things horses.She was born in South Jordan, Utah. Being a mom is her favorite thing.
She has her bachelors in Nursing and an associates in Photography. She is a picky eater and survives on chocolate.We decided to start this company when Courtney was having to work on weekends and we had to spend time apart. Stan loves all things Videography and Courtney Loves all things photography. Stan loves the dark moody styles and Courtney is light and airy. We specialize in weddings, Family, maternity and equine Photography.
Camera gear fills our home. We love our clients like they are our own family and will always try to go above and beyond. Here is a little bit about us
and we would love to get to know you more!

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